The Beginning

    It was the beginning of her 6th grade year… A young girl in a awkward and dark place in her life, never had she felt loved or beautiful. As her parents were divorced she lived with her dad in Missouri while her mother lived in California. She meets this young boy on her bus that lived a mile before her house about 2 years older than herself she had no interest at all. They get to school and had quite a few classes with one another she just blew it off. A couple weeks go by and the young boy finally asked her for her number… In return the young girl spits in his face as she still had no interest. He was the rebellious cute quarter back on the football team how could she not be interested? As he kept trying with her she got intrigued and he started to grow on her… He was a very smooth talker… As the months go by they spend a lot of time sitting together on the bus, texting all the time and talking on the phone every night until 3 in the morning not caring that they had to get up in 3 hours for school…
   1 year and a couple months go by they had been off and on but never had a chance to hangout considering they were too young to be going on dates… So the summer before  8th grade year they started to sneak out. He would walk all they to her mailbox and meet her there then they would walk half a mile to this little creek. They would spend hours laying on the creek bank dazing at stars and into each others eaboutistening to the wonderful sounds the night bugs. They would just talking about anything and everything they could think of they were so in love with everything about each other when he kissed her he was so soft and gentle. There was a spark between them that couldn’t be broken.
   Even though she was so in love with this boy she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something missing… So she decided she would move with her mom it was just something she felt she had to do. It broke her heart to leave the boy she was so in love with and broke his heart as well, he begged her to stay and before he left he slipped a note into her suitcase stating how much he loved her forever and always… They broke up after 3 months of her being gone he just couldn’t take the long distant relationship he wanted her back home or not at all…
   After 6 months she decided she wanted to be home that she belonged there not with her mother. She moved back in the middle of sophomore year. she thought she was over her first love but then she saw him, he moved on he was with someone else… She tried so hard to block it all out but all the feeling and memories gained all control over her she completely broken. She had wrote him a letter and texted him. She tried her hardest to get him back she tried everyday for 2 months and finally she made a decision to let go she had no other option… After a couple months she started to do better but was still very hurt..
She gets a call from him he called her to get a number so she gave it to him and hung up… She was furious that he would call her for something so dumb because the sound of his voice crushed her! A few minutes go by she’s bawling and trying to keep it together… He called again…. “I didn’t really call for the number I just needed to hear your voice I miss you everyday and I’m still in love with you”
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but hoped it was real and not just a cruel dream. They met up and talked and figured out that all they wanted in life was each other.

      Now they are still happily together of coarse with some ups and downs… They now have a beautiful baby boy and are soon to be married! Till this day we still laugh about how when we first met i spit in his face lol!

Never give up on something or someone you know is all you’ve ever wanted!❤



Life… Life is this caioutic journey of distress, animosity, and affliction, but we as humans are so quick to remember all the bad that we forget that this journey is also exquisite in so many ways. We weep tears of distress but we also weep tears of gratification! When we laugh… We laugh hysterically and when we love…. We love intensely.